Each treatment includes a foot bath, aromatherapy and an herbal tonic.

Moor Mud Wrap
A very popular and highly beneficial treatment. Dry exfoliation followed by an application of warmed moor mud. You are cocooned in a warm thermal blanket while the mud's do their healing work. Included in this restful time, is a scalp and foot massage. You finish with a moisturizing treatment infused with Moor Mud extract for additional healing benefits.
One hour, $75.

Seaweed Wrap
Dry exfoliation, followed by an application of warm mud containing seaweed, spirulina and detoxifying essential oils. You are then enveloped in a warm thermal blanket allowing the treatment to draw out impurities, impart nutrients, stimulate circulation, and boost the metabolism. During this time you will receive a scalp and foot massage. Finish with a detoxifying moisturizing cream.
One hour, $75

Salt Scrub
Mineral-rich Dead Sea salts are used to exfoliate and revel your softest, smoothest skin. This invigorating treatment is finished with a moisturizing cream containing Dead Sea salts for additional benefits.
One hour, $70.

Aromatherapy Emollient Wrap
A dry exfoliation of the entire body is followed by a rich emollient moisturizing treatment. This includes customized aromatherapy to suit your specific needs. You are then wrapped in a warm thermal blanket to rest and absorb the application. Rest time includes a scalp and foot massage.
One hour, $70.